Tips On Share Google Calander On iPhone

If any chance you are in a need of google calendar for your iphone and non google device and the question comes to your mind how to share a google calendar on iphone or how to share a google calendar with non google users ,Then you should not take any pain on yourself .We are here to help you in this case, just follow the steps mentioned below and you will be able to use the google calendar on any non google device.

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1)Firstly, you need to open your phone’s setting, in the menu you have to enter your google account credentials in order to sync the google apps with your device. For iphone users you can add the account in the settings by tapping on mail/contacts/caledar etc.

2)Now it will ask you for which calendar you want to sync either personal or shared, then you have to choose the one.

3)Remember only the mentioned calendars will be synced not the all. If there is any calendar which you don’t want to see then you can deselect it and will not be synced.

4)Now just click on save button and it will save the data in which you have made the changes.

5)In order to check whether the calendar is synced or not you can go to your calendar app, and see the selected and synced calendars will be shown there.

Google gives us the flexibility to use their inventions in any devices which are not google owned but by doing some changes in your phone settings you will be able to use there apps in your own device .Hope this content will fulfill your need off syncing the google calendar with your iphone and non google device will help.