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Google is most widely used search engine which is used by everyone in all over the world for searching web.It provides fantastic features to its user.It is used for discovering anything such as Hollywood, Bollywood,news and so on.

Although,Google is user friendly and easy to use but sometime you may face some technical glitches while using it.When you use Google account then you may forget your passowword.To access your account ,you need to recovery Google are describing some steps for google account recovery.You will have to follow given below steps:

First of all,go to the google account page and enter your email id and password.

To recover password ,You need to click on the “Forgot password” link.

Here you need to choose one option by which you want to recover your Google account.

You will see all these option on your Google main page screen.

If you want to recover your password via alternate email id then You need to choose alternate email option

Here you need to enter your alternate email id which you have entered at the time of account creation.

You will get a link on that email id,click on that link.

After clicking on that link,you will be move to the google account password page.

Then you need to enter new password ,make sure your password should not be recognized from others,it should be secure.

You need to again enter your password for confirmation.

If you want to recover your password with the help of phone number then you need to enter your mobile number and you will get a verification code on that number.

You need to enter that code in the given field.

Now you will be directly go to the Google account page ,here you will have to enter your new password.

you can also do google acocunt recovery without phone number, without email, without security question for that you can get help from support expert.
How to verify Google account without phone number?
If you want to verify Google account but you did not enter any mobile number then you may choose other option to verify your account.If you are not aware how to verify google account then you will have a look on the given below steps:

To verify your account without phone number,you need to enter your alternate email id.

You will get a verification link on that email id.

You need to click on that link then your account will be open.

Here you need to enter new password.

Now you will have to enter Captcha to prove that you are not robot.

How to create label in gmail account?
You may create level for storing your email and search easily.Here are the some steps given below to create a level on your gmail acocunt.You need to follow given below steps.these steps will help you to rectify your issue.

First of all ,you will have to open your Gmail account then click on the login option.

Now you need to enter email id and password.

If you have Gmail on your mobile app then it is not possible to create level ,you will have to open it on a computer device.

Now click on the more option which will show at the left.

Here you need to click on the Create new level.

Then name your level.

Finally click on the Create option.

So we hope all these three method for google account recovery/ how to verify google account without phone number/ how to create labes in gmail account will get helpful for your still having problem you can contact at helpline for online support.