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As Gmail is the most widely used available free email clients, it is also frequently targeted by the hackers. Maximum time, without user’s realization their Gmail account(s) has been hacked. Hackers use lots of alternative tricks that will allow them to read our emails without logging into direct Gmail account, Which include using email for mobile, the IMAP features, email forwarding and many more but on other hand Gmail’s ‘last account activity’ and many other features can be helpful. There are many other methods of looking into the safe zone of Gmail hacked account and keeping it protected from hacker.

Today, we will look for some of the easiest ways, which help us to find out if our Gmail has been compromised or hacked. These step of tips will be useful to every Gmail account users including those without any current Gmail problems because it is always be a good idea to keep tracking on our email account and to know the steps to monitor all unusual activities.

Once, I was talking to a close friend who use to self-proclaimed a “hacker” and I found this conversation to be very interesting. Among them, the most particulars interest me was when he telling me about the “social engineering” system and how easily they can hack Gmail account with it. (one of the easiest methods hackers used by involves ‘Gmail fake pages’, we will discuss it on our next session)

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Well, I am not going to any detail in this post, regarding why or how that friend is hacking Gmail addresses, I will just going to share some quick tips which anyone can use to monitor their Gmail account and find out if it is being hacked or not. This will obviously teach us to protect our Gmail accounts form being hack.

Before dialing Gmail help phone number USA; try the following 3 Ways for checking a Gmail Hacked Account:

1) Last account activity feature: Gmail already introduced the last account activity feature. “Last account activity” always shows the last 10 logins location IP and time when this Gmail was last accessed. So always the first thing we should do is click on “last account activity” at the bottom right of Gmail account page and check the last accessed details.

2) Gmail forwarding: This is one of the best useful features, where Gmail offered us to forward any email coming into one Gmail account to any other account. But hackers use to forward Gmail to their own email, so we can go to the forwarding section to check if our emails are being forwarded to any unknown email id’s or not.

3) POP and IMAP settings: IMAP and POP, these two protocols allow us to access our Gmail from any of 3rd party clients. Problem is – if anyone get access to our password they can configure any email client to receive our Gmail. It’s good to disable this two protocols if we are not using the features.

Always make sure to check the steps 1; if ever you may able to see any unexpected locations and IP addresses or if you ever have concerns about your Gmail account has been hacked, you should immediately change your password along with the security question answer, don’t forget to alter the ‘password recovery email’ and ‘registered phone number’ too. You may also contact Gmail help phone number or customer service number for immediate support.